Tuesday, September 27, 2016


A Christian since I was a teenager, I have been harsh, rude, judgmental, and self righteous instead of loving, kind, attentive, forgiving, and gracious. A few years ago, I read the book The Fruitful Wife, by Hayley Dimarco, and it changed me and moved me to be different, but it took a while. Actually, it took a spillage incident at a restaurant, scolding my 5 year old, and a sermon the next day to really stir in me, in my heart, the need to change. It came with the realization that I had been way too hard on my son, and my husband, and the rest of my family, and my friends, and the clients at the office, and everyone else.
I've been praying, reading, searching... This blog is basically for me. This is my space to put in writing what I'm learning and what God is working in me and through me so that I don't forget. This is my place to acknowledge where I've failed, to hold myself accountable, and let others know (if there are others reading) that they're not alone. Because we all need grace in our lives. When our children knock down their glass of water at the dinner table; when our husband brings the wrong take out order; when our parents don't pay attention to us; when our siblings hurt our feelings. We need to extend grace to others because we are not perfect, because we also knock things down, we make mistakes, we fail to pay attention to our family and friends, we hurt other people's feelings. We need grace.
God has been gracious to us giving us forgiveness and salvation through grace. And we are called to love one another with a love that covers a multitude of sins. And those sins that hurt too much? Those sins you just can't seem to look past? Forgive and extend grace. Reconcile. One day, you'll be on the other side of someone's hurt. Wouldn't it be great if you set the example today so that they extend love, grace, and forgiveness to you?
I need God's grace as much as anyone. I need to learn how to extend grace as much as anyone. So let's do it together!
Welcome to the Extending Grace Project!

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